When is a fridge not a fridge? When it’s the Nexmo fridge

When global cloud communications provider Nexmo were planning their move to funky new offices in Shoreditch, London’s very own Silicon Valley, there was one dark cloud on the horizon. Well, a large grey one actually. Their rather drab kitchen fridge.

Nexmo Fridge
When you are at the cutting edge of cloud technology, trailblazing the way the people of the world communicate with each other, you can’t have an elephant in the room. Or, in this case, lurking in the kitchen.

“Media48,” they enquired “can you do something with it? Some Nexmo branding perhaps?”

We love a challenge, so never ones not to seize an opportunity to dazzle our customers by not just meeting, but exceeding their expectations, our response was to ask if we could do something REALLY special with it. Nexmo readily agreed.

The following Friday afternoon, as Nexmo’s staff prepared for the big office move over the weekend, we collected the fridge and brought it back to Colchester. Once in our care we took more more photographs and accurate measurements were taken. A suitable picture was then purchased from a photo library and superimposed over the fridge in Photoshop. A little while later, after some adjustments and fine tuning, we had ourselves a design. Once we were 100 percent satisfied with the results the artwork was then sent to a large format printer, and the real work began.

The plan was to employ the same process used to wrap vehicles with eye-catching designs, like the Sky vans you see everywhere, the cabs of Eddie Stobart trucks, and supercars belonging to the rich and famous. So our design was printed onto UV stable laminated adhesive vinyl, then after the exterior of the fridge had been thoroughly cleaned and prepared, expertly applied and worked into its contours and trimmed to form a perfect marriage of fridge and vinyl.

Here is the result.

Nexmo Fridge

Nexmo Fridge Close Up
Yes, it really is a fridge. Even with all our experience of cutting edge creativity we do a double-take whenever we look at the pictures. And, as it is glass fronted, we even cut out the phone box’s windows on the door so visitors to the kitchen can see what culinary delights are waiting within.

With the project completed the telephone box fridge was delivered to Nexmo’s new offices on Monday morning as excited staff settled into their new workspace. By all accounts they couldn’t quite believe what they were seeing, and Nexmo now has quite a talking point for staff and visitors for years to come.

Nexmo’s Roxie Dowler shared this with us:

“We were moving to our brand new offices. The whole look and feel of the kitchen was very contemporary and our existing fridge looked a bit tired and out of date.

Rather than purchasing a new one, Media48 suggested to revamp it by applying a vinyl wrap, making it look like a phone booth.

The fridge was instantly transformed into this cool eye catching appliance, which gets a lot of positive comments, and all this without breaking the bank.

Media 48’s service was quick and excellent!! The fridge that housed our Friday wine and beer was always popular within the office but now it is loved.

Nexmo Fridge Both

Vinyl wrapping a fridge was a first for us as this process is, as I previously mentioned, more commonly seen on vehicles out on the roads. If designed well, vinyl wrapping is an extremely powerful and cost effective way to advertise your business. Whether you have a large fleet of cars, vans and lorries, or just a single vehicle (or a fridge!) that you want to stand out from the crowd, we can create the perfect design for your business.

And that folks is a wrap.

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